Millinium Properties, Inc is a full-service real estate investment firm specializing in residential 1-4 unit properties.

The Company purchases properties, as-is, for cash. If a particular property doesn’t qualify for a direct cash purchase, the Company will sell the property, “faster than a Realtor without charging any commissions”. The Company is able to accomplish this through its vast experience, the use of state-of-the-art marketing techniques and its network of referrals.

Individual transactions are tailored specifically to the needs of the seller. If the Company agrees to sell the property, the seller gets their money first. The Company gets the remainder.

For example, if the seller wants $300,00.00 for their property, the seller gets their $300,000.00 first and Millinium gets the overage, whether it’s $5000.00 or $15,000.00 or whatever. This allows the seller piece of mind when entering into a transaction versus dealing with a real estate agent where the final sales price is unknown.

The Company is experienced in all types of creative real estate transactions, including but not limited to options, lease options, foreclosures, short sales, rehabbing and wholesaling.

The Founder of the Company, Gregory Falvo, has successfully completed hundreds of creative real estate transactions, beginning in 1981 and continuing to the present.

Mr. Falvo has studied under and worked with some of the most successful investment experts in the country, including Bruce Norris and Ron Legrand. He is originally from Michigan and currently resides in Santa Monica, California.