Frank Regi

As long-time investors with Millinium Properties, We’d like to comment on our experiences.

Raquel and myself became aware of Millinium Properties, of all places, via a sign on a telephone pole in 2012! Intrigued, but with a reasonable amount of skepticism, we took down the number and called.

We met with Greg at a local Mcdonalds. From day 1, we felt comfortable with his program. He explained the process of being a private lender from A to Z. We initially invested $200,000.00 with Millinium Properties on a rehab project. The project went well and we earned a handsome profit.

Subsequently, we’ve invested in over a dozen highly successful projects with Millinium, all of which have been very profitable.

Greg and his team at Millinium have demonstrated the highest degree of professionalism, service, character and integrity over time.