Lisa Rawlin

Gladys, my husband Glenn and me would like to take the time to write this letter of thanks regarding the sale of our Vale Avenue property.

The entire situation was very difficult for the entire family (myself, my husband Glenn and my 92 year old mother Gladys). We had lived in the property for decades and we didn’t want to sell. We had to sell. Both Glenn and me had lost our jobs. Gladys was on a small, fixed income. It was not nearly enough to pay the loan on the property.

We were over a year behind in payments. The property was in foreclosure and a Trustee’s sale was coming. We had known Greg for many years and we decided to contact him to see if he could help.

Greg and his team at Millinium Properties immediately sprang into action. They contacted the lender with an all-cash offer and were able to stop the lender from going forward with the sale. We had asked Greg if he could get us extended time in our home. He was able to do that and more!

Finally, after several months of additional free time in our home, we all knew it was time to finally sell the house. The transaction was actually a short sale. We owed much more than the actual value of the property. At about this time, our original lender sold the loan to another company. The company was called BSI Financial and they turned out to be EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to work with!

It took another year to finally work through the transaction. At the end, BSI almost sold the property out from under everyone. If not for the exceptional skills of Greg and his team, it would have been a worse-case scenario for all involved!

Millinium was able to pull a rabbit out of the hat at the last minute by completing the short sale successfully (which included getting 100% forgiveness on a Bank of America 2nd lien), salvaging what was left our credit and getting us substantial relocation money to boot!

We were able to go on with our lives with dignity and get a fresh start. All we can say to Greg and his team at Millinium is, thanks a million for all of your help!