Marge Tendler

This letter is to inform you that, in spite of unforeseen complications, Greg Falvo and Millinium Properties conducted a successful short sale on my property in Mammoth Lakes CA from 300 miles away in Santa Monica. I had an over-encumbered home in Mammoth Lakes, Ca. My long-time local realtors strongly advised against a short sale. I had been told that the local realtors were not experienced in the short sale issues, complications and that dealing with the banks can be tricky. The realtors were frequently surprised with the banks lack of commitment and habit of backing out at the last minute. Seeing the ad in the LA Times, I contacted Mr. Falvo. I did not know him or any other short sale specialist before seeing this ad. It became obvious during our first phone conversation that he was knowledgeable in the area of short sales and he won my trust. The transaction had multiple issues: extensive remodeling, a seasonal resort location, skittish buyers, complicated tax issues affecting the seller, a huge difference between the loan principal and current market value, and bank reluctance to put in writing what they committed to verbally. Perhaps the trickiest issue was the refusal of local escrow and title companies to deal with a title issue involving the properties prior transfer into and out of a trust. Ultimately, Mr. Falvo, Millinium Properties and his team of escrow and title professionals were able to surmount all these issues to complete the short sale successfully.