Selling Your Home As Is For Cash

Selling your home as-is can be a strategic and efficient choice, catering to homeowners with time constraints or financial considerations. This unconventional approach streamlines the selling process, making it an appealing option for those unwilling to invest in extensive repairs and upgrades. To guide you through this distinctive journey, here’s a comprehensive playbook for successfully selling your home in its present state and get fast cash offers.

Understanding Selling Your Home “As-Is” Sales:

Homes offered as-is lack repairs or renovations, making them attractive to buyers seeking investment opportunities or those eager to customize their new space. Sellers must grasp the implications of this approach, ensuring a smooth and beneficial transaction.

Property Assessment: Conduct a thorough analysis of your home’s condition before listing it. Identify structural issues, necessary repairs, and cosmetic imperfections. This transparency helps set realistic expectations for a fast sale.

Pricing Considerations for Selling Your Home: Determining the right price is crucial. Seek professional appraisals or work with a real estate company experienced in as-is sales. Establish a market value that reflects both the current state of the property and potential renovation costs.

Understanding Expectations of a Buyer:

Documentation and Paperwork: Organize all necessary documents and paperwork. Ensure legal documents, disclosures, and inspection reports are readily available to potential buyers.

Hire Professional Assistance: Enlist the services of an experienced company specializing in as-is sales to navigate this unique market and facilitate a smoother selling process.

Marketing and Online Presence:

Leveraging the Internet: Harness online platforms and social media to broaden your property’s reach. Highlight its potential through advertisements and engaging social media promotions.

Understanding Buyer Mentality:

Transparency and Disclosure: Maintain integrity in your dealings. While not obligated to fix issues, disclose known defects to potential buyers to avoid surprises later on.

Pre-Sales Inspections: Conduct pre-sales inspections to provide buyers with a comprehensive report on the property’s condition, offering a clear understanding of potential maintenance needs.

Pricing Strategy: Getting a fair and competitive offer is doable and if you approach the right company, the transaction can be fair, fast and hassle-free.

Flexible Negotiations: Remain open to negotiations but stand firm on the final price. Balance flexibility with meeting your personal requirements.

Legal Guidance: Consult legal advisors to navigate the legal aspects of selling a property as-is, ensuring compliance with disclosure laws and proper documentation.

Focusing on Potential Savings When Selling Your Home:

Highlighting Financial Advantages: Stress the financial benefits for buyers purchasing unfinished properties. Emphasize how the lower acquisition cost allows for customization and potential future modifications.

Embrace these methods and strategies to position your home for a quicker sale, even in its current condition. By adopting a transparent and strategic approach, you’ll attract qualified buyers and streamline the selling process.

Frank Regi

As long-time investors with Millinium Properties, We’d like to comment on our experiences.

Raquel and myself became aware of Millinium Properties, of all places, via a sign on a telephone pole in 2012! Intrigued, but with a reasonable amount of skepticism, we took down the number and called.

We met with Greg at a local Mcdonalds. From day 1, we felt comfortable with his program. He explained the process of being a private lender from A to Z. We initially invested $200,000.00 with Millinium Properties on a rehab project. The project went well and we earned a handsome profit.

Subsequently, we’ve invested in over a dozen highly successful projects with Millinium, all of which have been very profitable.

Greg and his team at Millinium have demonstrated the highest degree of professionalism, service, character and integrity over time.

Jon and Debbie Martin

I want to take a quick moment and write to you thanking you and your representation of Millinium Properties in the selling of our home located 23025 Ashwood Lake Forest Ca 92630 .

It has been a pleasure dealing with you and not only were you not intrusive to our lives during what we found to be a difficult time, you took care of issues we were never aware of and you handled them with utmost professionalism and resolve that again did not add to our frantic state of being.

As we explained we were not just moving a house we were moving a lifetime, since my wife and I have been together for over forty years and you assuaged our issues with understanding and clarity.

When we contacted Millinium Properties, you were our contact and described what you were going to do and how it would progress and to only contact us when needed, which you did. We explained what were looking for in selling our home and you met those agreements and expectations.

We thank you and will recommend you to those we meet that are looking to sell and relocate.

Just a little levity to this recommendation, for those who are willing to take a moment to read this, is the fact once the wheels were in motion, they sure went fast!

Marge Tendler

This letter is to inform you that, in spite of unforeseen complications, Greg Falvo and Millinium Properties conducted a successful short sale on my property in Mammoth Lakes CA from 300 miles away in Santa Monica. I had an over-encumbered home in Mammoth Lakes, Ca. My long-time local realtors strongly advised against a short sale. I had been told that the local realtors were not experienced in the short sale issues, complications and that dealing with the banks can be tricky. The realtors were frequently surprised with the banks lack of commitment and habit of backing out at the last minute. Seeing the ad in the LA Times, I contacted Mr. Falvo. I did not know him or any other short sale specialist before seeing this ad. It became obvious during our first phone conversation that he was knowledgeable in the area of short sales and he won my trust. The transaction had multiple issues: extensive remodeling, a seasonal resort location, skittish buyers, complicated tax issues affecting the seller, a huge difference between the loan principal and current market value, and bank reluctance to put in writing what they committed to verbally. Perhaps the trickiest issue was the refusal of local escrow and title companies to deal with a title issue involving the properties prior transfer into and out of a trust. Ultimately, Mr. Falvo, Millinium Properties and his team of escrow and title professionals were able to surmount all these issues to complete the short sale successfully.

Mark T. Deveau

As the Aetna Trust Property seller’s representative, I truly enjoyed working with you on the sales transaction. Your entire acquisition team from the lender to escrow to title performed seamlessly until closing. As you know, we had spoken with other investors who expressed interest in our property but could not perform with acceptable terms especially in this marketplace. You were not only able to purchase our property but also able to do it on time and according to our agreement. From the first time we spoke on the phone I knew I was working with a seasoned residential property investor.

Greg, please let others know that…if you want to “cash out’ quickly and with certainty, I highly recommend Greg Falvo and Millinium Properties as buyer for your property!

Nancye Woodward

In the past 6 years that I’ve worked with Greg Falvo, it’s been an adventure in creativity, “brainstorming” and strategy!

Many times I’ve been challenged to fill in the blanks between the “A” to “Z” format of a transaction, with Greg running 100 miles ahead of the structural headaches of escrow. But, the wheels never got off tract, and together we’ve successfully closed well over 150 escrows, to everyone’s satisfaction!
Our teamwork is dynamic!

Lisa Rawlin

Gladys, my husband Glenn and me would like to take the time to write this letter of thanks regarding the sale of our Vale Avenue property.

The entire situation was very difficult for the entire family (myself, my husband Glenn and my 92 year old mother Gladys). We had lived in the property for decades and we didn’t want to sell. We had to sell. Both Glenn and me had lost our jobs. Gladys was on a small, fixed income. It was not nearly enough to pay the loan on the property.

We were over a year behind in payments. The property was in foreclosure and a Trustee’s sale was coming. We had known Greg for many years and we decided to contact him to see if he could help.

Greg and his team at Millinium Properties immediately sprang into action. They contacted the lender with an all-cash offer and were able to stop the lender from going forward with the sale. We had asked Greg if he could get us extended time in our home. He was able to do that and more!

Finally, after several months of additional free time in our home, we all knew it was time to finally sell the house. The transaction was actually a short sale. We owed much more than the actual value of the property. At about this time, our original lender sold the loan to another company. The company was called BSI Financial and they turned out to be EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to work with!

It took another year to finally work through the transaction. At the end, BSI almost sold the property out from under everyone. If not for the exceptional skills of Greg and his team, it would have been a worse-case scenario for all involved!

Millinium was able to pull a rabbit out of the hat at the last minute by completing the short sale successfully (which included getting 100% forgiveness on a Bank of America 2nd lien), salvaging what was left our credit and getting us substantial relocation money to boot!

We were able to go on with our lives with dignity and get a fresh start. All we can say to Greg and his team at Millinium is, thanks a million for all of your help!